AI Right Here: Reimagine Education and Build It

Mark your calendars for an enlightening session led by Junjie Liu, a seasoned edtech pioneer and CEO of Philosophie AI. Drawing on his experience from Harvard, INSEAD, and the global edtech scene, Liu will guide attendees through the essence of leveraging AI to revolutionize learning and teaching. Join this session on April 22, from 14:45 to 17:15, in LIB 1123, to shape and be part of tomorrow’s education.

Investment = Investing in People: A Talent-Driven Investment Strategy

Come join our panel discussion and engage in conversation with the experienced entrepreneur and venture investor- Joe Wu. We will delve deeply into the core philosophy of “Investment equals investing in people” with real-life examples. As college students, learn how you can accumulate knowledge, cultivate innovative abilities, demonstrate your talents, and ultimately realize your grand ambitions.

A Mutually Beneficial Win-Win Game: Insights and Inspirations from Mr. Feng Zhang

In this vibrant spring season, InE’s ESS on entrepreneurship and capital once again brings us a feast of ideas. On the evening of February 29, we had the honor of inviting Mr. Feng Zhang, the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Ginkgo Global Capital, who shared his insights and inspirations under the theme “Investment and Entrepreneurship: A Mutually Beneficial Game.” This article will take you through this exceptional lecture, exploring how investment and entrepreneurship can jointly drive social progress.

From Dropping Out to Start a Business to Pre-Series A Round: Reflections and Challenges on the Entrepreneurial Journey

In this ESS event, we are honored to have Ms. Yipei Wei, founder of AFFiNE, a Miro/Notion alternative with over 23K stars on GitHub, as our guest speaker. Her company has reached millions of users across 195 countries and has more than 20 ambassadors. Through this lecture, she will provide valuable insight into entrepreneurial thought processes in startup operations, successful open-sourcing with global expansion, entrepreneurial pitfalls, how to avoid them, and why perseverance is key even in the darkest moments of building a startup.

Navigating Early Careers: Practical Insights

In the era of globalization, how can we effectively position ourselves and chart a clear path for our future careers? As DKU students benefiting from the integration of both Chinese and international educational philosophies, how can we leverage this advantage to enhance our professional competence and become well-rounded talents? How can we fully utilize our skills and soft power to open the doors to top global enterprises, truly integrate into the international community, and become qualified global citizens? For those eager to secure high-paying, high-quality job opportunities on Wall Street during their undergraduate or graduate years, what steps should they take to prepare? In this ESS session, we were thrilled to have Nancy Chen share her invaluable insights and unravel the secrets of job-seeking skills.

Constructal Thinking of E-Commerce and Its Future in the AI Era

For this ESS event, we are privileged to have Mr. Huang Junyan, the current Senior E-Commerce Manager for the renowned fashion accessory brand CASETiFY in China, as our guest speaker. Through this lecture, he will help students gain a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of e-commerce and how to develop a mature strategic framework and model within the ever-evolving landscape, particularly in the AI era.