Social Innovation Simulation Business Competition – China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

“Social Innovation Simulation Business Competition” is a public interest social innovation youth activity hosted by G20YEA Future Innovators Center (CFI) in Duke Kunshan University. This event aims to lead young people to deeply explore the nature and value of social innovation through exchanges, discussions and practices, help them establish positive social values, cultivate innovative thinking and teamwork ability, and inspire their attention and action to global challenges. Social innovation is an important engine to promote inclusive global economic growth and social change. In this era of rapid development, CFI hopes to cultivate generations of young innovators to lead the world to a better direction. We believe that “Social Innovation Simulation Competition” will open a door to the collision of ideas, innovative exploration and common growth for the participating young people, and contribute new strength and wisdom to social change and sustainable development.

Navigating Early Careers: Practical Insights

In the era of globalization, how can we effectively position ourselves and chart a clear path for our future careers? As DKU students benefiting from the integration of both Chinese and international educational philosophies, how can we leverage this advantage to enhance our professional competence and become well-rounded talents? How can we fully utilize our skills and soft power to open the doors to top global enterprises, truly integrate into the international community, and become qualified global citizens? For those eager to secure high-paying, high-quality job opportunities on Wall Street during their undergraduate or graduate years, what steps should they take to prepare? In this ESS session, we were thrilled to have Nancy Chen share her invaluable insights and unravel the secrets of job-seeking skills.

The Bits and Pieces of Entrepreneurship

In this ESS event, we are honored to have Mr. Li Lixin, a partner and chief consultant at Jade Capital, as our guest. Through this sharing session, he will elucidate how investors evaluate entrepreneurs from various angles and how to increase the chances of entrepreneurial success. He will also provide a brief introduction to the company and its investment focuses.

Constructal Thinking of E-Commerce and Its Future in the AI Era

For this ESS event, we are privileged to have Mr. Huang Junyan, the current Senior E-Commerce Manager for the renowned fashion accessory brand CASETiFY in China, as our guest speaker. Through this lecture, he will help students gain a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of e-commerce and how to develop a mature strategic framework and model within the ever-evolving landscape, particularly in the AI era.

Care for Rural Youth, Support Rural Education: DKU Youngster collaborates with Xuying Elementary School to launch the Dream Starter Plan

In June of this year, with the assistance of Huochai Box, DKU Youngsters and Xuying Elementary School reached a long-term cooperation agreement. They jointly conducted support activities such as collecting Canadian International School Kunshan end-of-term supplies and donating love and received enthusiastic responses from both parties.

To be a Foley artist for a day

When watching films and TV series, have you ever wondered about this question: How are sounds like fractures, explosions, fights, thunder, and rain created? The rustling of leaves in the wind, waves crashing on the horizon, Iron Man donning armor, the Hulk smashing a car, and the martial arts master’s palm wind cutting through the air—were these sounds all recorded in real life? On the afternoon of October 28th, this Saturday, let’s meet at InLab and step into the behind-the-scenes world of film and television production, exploring the realm of Foley artistry and the lives of Foley artists.

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Action

In this IEE sharing session, we are honored to invite Dr. Zhiqiang Xia from Nanyang Technological University to deliver an inspiring sharing session. This session will comprehensively explore various challenges and concepts in entrepreneurship, encompassing key elements of entrepreneurial journeys such as risk and uncertainty, prediction and control, failure and learning, rationality and irrationality, assumptions and hypotheses, targeting or aiming, persistence or pivoting, business models, lean entrepreneurship, and design thinking.

Healthy Aging and Inclusive Design

For this IEE session, we are honored to invite Professor Hua Dong from Brunel University. Through this session, she will help students better understand the connection between design and building an aging society, the concept of inclusive design, its applications in various urban domains, and the importance of creating an aging-friendly society.