From Dropping Out to Start a Business to Pre-Series A Round: Reflections and Challenges on the Entrepreneurial Journey

In this ESS event, we are honored to have Ms. Yipei Wei, founder of AFFiNE, a Miro/Notion alternative with over 23K stars on GitHub, as our guest speaker. Her company has reached millions of users across 195 countries and has more than 20 ambassadors. Through this lecture, she will provide valuable insight into entrepreneurial thought processes in startup operations, successful open-sourcing with global expansion, entrepreneurial pitfalls, how to avoid them, and why perseverance is key even in the darkest moments of building a startup.

Unleash the Magic of Movement

Ever wondered how those breathtaking action scenes in movies are made? The Hulk’s powerful smash, superman soaring through the skies, or a dancer’s graceful moves – how are these captured and portrayed on the big screen? Join us on November 24th, Thursday afternoon, at the Motion Capture Creative Workshop in InLab, where we’ll reveal the technological secrets behind these cinematic wonders.

3D Print Your Christmas

In childhood, have you ever been entranced by the intricate designs of a Christmas ornament, pondering the magic that breathes life into them? This holiday season, we warmly invite you to uncover the secrets behind the creation of these festive adornments. On November 24th, step into the enchanting realm of InLab, where the marvel of Christmas seamlessly blends with the innovation of 3D printing. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our doors swing wide for you to immerse yourself in the joy of crafting something truly unique with 3D printing technology.