Investment = Investing in People: A Talent-Driven Investment Strategy

Come join our panel discussion and engage in conversation with the experienced entrepreneur and venture investor- Joe Wu. We will delve deeply into the core philosophy of “Investment equals investing in people” with real-life examples. As college students, learn how you can accumulate knowledge, cultivate innovative abilities, demonstrate your talents, and ultimately realize your grand ambitions.

A Mutually Beneficial Win-Win Game: Insights and Inspirations from Mr. Feng Zhang

In this vibrant spring season, InE’s ESS on entrepreneurship and capital once again brings us a feast of ideas. On the evening of February 29, we had the honor of inviting Mr. Feng Zhang, the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Ginkgo Global Capital, who shared his insights and inspirations under the theme “Investment and Entrepreneurship: A Mutually Beneficial Game.” This article will take you through this exceptional lecture, exploring how investment and entrepreneurship can jointly drive social progress.

Application Open for Dachuang 2024

To fully mobilize students’ initiative and enthusiasm in participating in scientific research, stimulate their awareness of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, and enhance their practical abilities in innovation and entrepreneurship, DKU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative is now officially launching the application for the 2024 College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program (Referred to as “Dachuang Program”).

The Birth of Search-So —— The Exclusive Search Engine for DKU

Kaiyuan Lou is a student of Data Science at Kunshan Duke University (DKU), class of 2024. He founded the Search-So project intending to provide a convenient information retrieval tool for teachers and students at DKU. Initially, he was solely responsible for development under the guidance of Professor Jiang Long. Gradually, he attracted more and more like-minded partners to join the team. As the project proceeded, they further discovered that what they were trying to solve was not just a purely technical problem, but a “darkness under the lamp” problem that is commonly found in many organizations: how to adapt internal resource websites and shared service systems to meet specific needs of users, improve information retrieval efficiency, and plan layouts reasonably? Thus, the business prospects, extended value and potential of this student project gradually emerged.

Students’ Entrepreneurship from 0 to 1

In spring 2024, InE will launch a themed ESS lecture series focusing on the domain of entrepreneurship and capital. This series aims to provide DKU students with in-depth insights into innovation and entrepreneurship from investors’ perspectives. In the first themed ESS, we are honored to have Mr. Kehan Dong, Head of Investment and Operations at MiraclePlus, to share with us the process of entrepreneurship from 0 to 1.

Seeking truth for good: A Group of DKUers’ “Unmanned Driving” Journey

At Duke Kunshan University, Tianyi Zhang is a 2024 master’s student in Medical Physics, who majored in Electronic Information Engineering as an undergraduate and participated in DJI product development. Meanwhile, Renzo Balcazar Tapia is a 2025 undergraduate student in Data Science who comes from Peru, with research interests in algorithms and has won numerous awards in International Mathematical Olympiads. On the journey of learning and life, they were originally two clearly demarcated parallel lines. However, the college innovation and entrepreneurship project “Research on Autonomous Localization and Navigation Technology Algorithm of Robot” has brought these two parallel lines together, embarking on a road of scientific research.

Navigating Early Careers: Practical Insights

In the era of globalization, how can we effectively position ourselves and chart a clear path for our future careers? As DKU students benefiting from the integration of both Chinese and international educational philosophies, how can we leverage this advantage to enhance our professional competence and become well-rounded talents? How can we fully utilize our skills and soft power to open the doors to top global enterprises, truly integrate into the international community, and become qualified global citizens? For those eager to secure high-paying, high-quality job opportunities on Wall Street during their undergraduate or graduate years, what steps should they take to prepare? In this ESS session, we were thrilled to have Nancy Chen share her invaluable insights and unravel the secrets of job-seeking skills.