Blue Bear: First Show · Hainan VEX National Competition Won the Jury Award

Blue Bear, founded in July 2022, is one of the newest members of DKU iNNOVATION iNCUBATOR. Their immediate goal is to design a stable robot structure and program that can pick up and shoot a Frisbee, which also has the ability to score with a two-color cylinder. In December 2022, they presented their research and development results for the first time at the 15th VEX Asian Robot Championship China Selection Competition held in Ocean Flower Island, Hainan, and achieved a good result.

2023 DKU InE Summer Program: Design Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship

Design thinking is the core methodology of this program that has been recognized as one of the most creative and effective tools to address innovation in the modern world. Particularly for non-designers, it provides a new way of looking at problems as well as a systematical approach to developing creative solutions that can be applied to a vast range of topics and disciplines. This program will provide an immersive experience of design thinking from emphasizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing.

Your Girl RayRay: Cross-national Media Content Creation in Cultures Through the Lens of University Students

“Your Girl RayRay” is an entrepreneurship project focusing on the creation of videos from the perspective of students from sino-foreign cooperative universities on domestic and global social media platforms (such as YouTube, Instagram, Red, Bilibili, Weibo, etc.). Its videos are mainly about cultural similarities and differences, including topics like sharing language learning skills, UG students’ experiences in study and job hunting, gender awareness of women, and the health of women. Its target audience is Chinese and international students aged from 16 to 25. The profits are mainly from advertising revenue, video sponsorship, physical or online products, and pay-per-view on the platforms.

Blue Bear: From 0 to 1 Actualizing Your Robot Dreams at DKU

Blue Bear is a team of Duke Kunshan University iNNOVATION iNCUBATOR. Founded in July 2022, Blue Bear is committed to designing a mechanical structure with a two-color roller scoring ability that can stably pick up and shoot discs in the VEX Robot Competition, improving the control accuracy of automation programming and robot positioning problems, training the contestant’s strategic deployment and improvisational ability. Through robot innovation and development, team members can improve their academic ability, team consciousness, and competition experience, enhancing the atmosphere of robot research and innovation research at Duke Kunshan University. Blue Bear is expected to become a pioneer in robot engineering innovation in Kunshan.

2022 U-Corp Fall Symposium: Learning from the REAL World; Learning with the REAL World; Learning for the REAL World

Autumn is coming to an end, and the seven projects launched by U-Corp also embrace their harvest season. This symposium is not only the ultimate challenge for project participants, but also a precious opportunity to present their insightful results. With the combined support between InE and cooperated companies/organizations, participants could conduct in-depth research in fields they are interested in and provide new directions…