IE74 Everywhere

We are an information screening and characterized pushing platform targeting at rare disease patients. We aim to collaborate with the local government and get the first information on the preferential policies, welfare activities, and the volunteer recruitment of try-out medicine.

IE70 Sumeru

Sumeru Art History Lab is a multi-media public educational platform focusing on ancient art history. The purpose of the project is to establish a bridge between professional art history institutions and the general public. We bring the artworks and history out of the museum and refresh them with visual art presence and texture demonstration.


PULSE is a holistic health tracking app catering to universities and university students. Our 2 year project will combine research and action. We will be designing and conducting research studies at DKU using our health tracking app to gather data. The data we gather will be used to provide DKU relevant recommendations for students, such as “how much sleep optimizes performance in a class” as well as summary statistics accessible to all members of DKU. We plan to work closely with DKU offices and administration to improve campus health.


Our DKU VEX U team will produce robots which can realize functions of remote control, picking up and throwing discs into assigned position in the VEX competition using aluminum alloy and other materials. The robot design, manufacture, manipulation, and code will all be produced by our teammates, which involves computer science, mechanical engineering, material science and automatic control theory.

Embracing the Power of Podcast & Humorous Narration in Arts

In this ESS, we are honored to invite Lijun Huang (Stage name: Yiru Fan) who is the host of “Eye on East Asia” and “Media Talk”. He will share his journey regarding the podcast shows as well as his perception of this industry. In addition, in order to explore the current situation in the Media Art industry, the development of the art ecology system, and the underlying logic of art history, Mr. Huang invited Mr. Luo Yier, who is the founder of Art Talk Show and the curator of Art KOL. Apart from podcast-related topics, they will also discuss the current situation of young artists and well-educated people in the post-pandemic era and how to upgrade to epic players in this field.

DKU InE 2023 Dii Fair is coming!

Want to be an entrepreneur? Want to turn a whimsical idea into reality? Want to build a team to make an impact? Want to start your own company in college? See you on the Feb 6, 2023 Dii Fair.   Dii Fair is organized by DKU iNNOVATION iNCUBATOR (Dii) for DKU students who are interested in leading or…

DKU InE 2022 Retrospection

How time flies and another year has passed sneakily. In the face of a series of uncertainties, both known and unknown, DKU InE has been on an unremitting quest for a better-reformed combination of social innovation and campus services, turning DKU students’ imaginations into practicable actions in the year 2022.  In 2022, the InE held…