DKU U-Corp: Students’ innovation journey on University-Corporation Bridge

Over the course of three years, with the collective efforts of 150 students and 40 projects, the University-Corporation Innovation Lab (i.e., U-Corp) at Duke Kunshan University has gradually grown into a powerful bridge connecting academia and industry, and an important platform for student innovation and practice. The U-Corp closely integrates the core educational principles of DKU with leading industry resources, covering cutting-edge fields such as software development, marketing, public policy, multi-generational space design, ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance), and rural revitalization. It has successfully established close cooperation with many well-known companies and organizations, injecting innovative energy into enterprises and providing students with rich practical experience and academic records.

Social Innovation Simulation Business Competition – China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

“Social Innovation Simulation Business Competition” is a public interest social innovation youth activity hosted by G20YEA Future Innovators Center (CFI) in Duke Kunshan University. This event aims to lead young people to deeply explore the nature and value of social innovation through exchanges, discussions and practices, help them establish positive social values, cultivate innovative thinking and teamwork ability, and inspire their attention and action to global challenges. Social innovation is an important engine to promote inclusive global economic growth and social change. In this era of rapid development, CFI hopes to cultivate generations of young innovators to lead the world to a better direction. We believe that “Social Innovation Simulation Competition” will open a door to the collision of ideas, innovative exploration and common growth for the participating young people, and contribute new strength and wisdom to social change and sustainable development.

AI Right Here: Reimagine Education and Build It

Mark your calendars for an enlightening session led by Junjie Liu, a seasoned edtech pioneer and CEO of Philosophie AI. Drawing on his experience from Harvard, INSEAD, and the global edtech scene, Liu will guide attendees through the essence of leveraging AI to revolutionize learning and teaching. Join this session on April 22, from 14:45 to 17:15, in LIB 1123, to shape and be part of tomorrow’s education.

Investment = Investing in People: A Talent-Driven Investment Strategy

Come join our panel discussion and engage in conversation with the experienced entrepreneur and venture investor- Joe Wu. We will delve deeply into the core philosophy of “Investment equals investing in people” with real-life examples. As college students, learn how you can accumulate knowledge, cultivate innovative abilities, demonstrate your talents, and ultimately realize your grand ambitions.

NeuroTech Frontiers: Harnessing Brainwaves for Innovation

Have you ever considered the immense potential brainwaves hold in the realm of neuroscience and technology? Now is your opportunity to delve into the world of electroencephalograms (EEG) and brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) in an intensive workshop designed to expand your understanding and skills. Mark your calendar for an enlightening experience on March 22nd and join us at the NeuroTech Workshop in the Innovation Lab. Embark on a journey to explore the intricate workings of the brain, the principles of EEG, and the exciting applications of BMIs. Don’t miss the chance to witness real-time EEG data visualization and even control a game using nothing but your brainwaves. Unlock the full potential of neurotechnology with us!

Vectorize Your Vision: Mastering Drawing with Adobe Illustrator

Regardless of your academic discipline, chances are you’ve experimented with poster creation. Yet have you ever delved into vectorized art and premium design using Adobe Illustrator? Seize the chance to master the pen tool and discover time-saving shortcuts in an intensive workshop tailored to enhance your artistic pursuits. Mark your calendar for the evening of March 22nd and participate in the Adobe Illustrator workshop at the Innovation Lab. Embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of Adobe Illustrator!

A Mutually Beneficial Win-Win Game: Insights and Inspirations from Mr. Feng Zhang

In this vibrant spring season, InE’s ESS on entrepreneurship and capital once again brings us a feast of ideas. On the evening of February 29, we had the honor of inviting Mr. Feng Zhang, the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Ginkgo Global Capital, who shared his insights and inspirations under the theme “Investment and Entrepreneurship: A Mutually Beneficial Game.” This article will take you through this exceptional lecture, exploring how investment and entrepreneurship can jointly drive social progress.

Application Open for Dachuang 2024

To fully mobilize students’ initiative and enthusiasm in participating in scientific research, stimulate their awareness of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, and enhance their practical abilities in innovation and entrepreneurship, DKU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative is now officially launching the application for the 2024 College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program (Referred to as “Dachuang Program”).